Free Orientation - The Ultimate Freelance Guide by Sander van Dijk

Free Orientation - The Ultimate Freelance Guide

Define your goals and explore what types of work are most suitable for you


This free course is an orientation to discover if you're ready to go freelance. As part of the introduction to three more in depth courses, you’ll learn to define your goals and explore what types of work are most suitable for you.

Upcoming courses

The Freelance Foundation
The Business of Freelance
Become a Pro Freelancer — Coming soon

What's included?

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Going Freelance
How to get the most out of this course
2 mins
Why do you want to go freelance?
5 mins
Does a freelance position support your goals?
6 mins
Types of freelance
4 mins
Skills, business and becoming a pro
4 mins


How long will I have access to the courses?

For the rest of your life! so you can reference the material whenever it's relevant for you. There may be paid updates in the future. However, only if the content is upgraded dramatically.

When will the courses launch?

"The Freelance Foundation" will launch on Nov 30, 2017. The other courses, "The Business of Freelance" and "Becoming a Pro Freelancer" will launch within the following months.

How do I stay up-to-date with more courses?

The best way to stay "in the know" about courses is via my newsletter, for which you can sign up here.

Can I suggest new course material?

Absolutely! I love to get feedback. Feel free to suggest content HERE.

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My name is Sander — and over the last 10 years I’ve been working successfully as an artist. 
I was able to become the artist I am today partially through the guidance of others, and now I want to make my experience available to you.