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The Freelance Foundation

Unique insight on how to start a strong freelance career.

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I see a lot of people jump into freelancing before they actually know how to get work. You want to make sure you can make it financially — without losing the reason why you went freelance in the first place. 

This course will not only share my personal experience — but also the strategies that I've used in order to transition to freelance doing work that both pays the bills and is creatively fulfilling.

Once you master the foundation, you can deliver impact to new and recurring clients, while building upon your portfolio to put you in a strong position to do more fulfilling work and manage your own time..  

- Sander

What will I learn?

This course dives deep into how you can prepare for your transition to freelance and how to build a solid set of skills to make sure you grow into a better freelancer.

Transition to Freelance (30min)

I will show you how you can prepare both mentally and financially for the transition to freelance, I will share an overview of my last seven years and how this transition has impacted my hours worked and finances, then I'll share my story of making the transition in great detail so you have some context. See the included lectures in the contents below

Do Good Work (60min)

I’ll share what you can do to improve your work and what to pay attention to when building a portfolio. Additionally, you'll learn how to promote yourself to attract the projects you are looking for, and how to evaluate your own work and ask for advice to improve it. See the included lectures in the contents below

Be easy to get along with (30min)

This course also focuses on social skills, which are a must if you want to be a freelancer. Next I share how to build trust and what not to do in a work setting. I will also share my personal techniques and experiences — from making accurate “work-time predictions” to how to deliver great quality on time. See the included lectures in the contents below

Deliver on Time (40min)

Knowing how long it takes you to complete your intended work and planning a project are the most important core techniques you need to be able to get work done and charge your clients. I'll share with you how I plan out a project and what I do to make accurate work time predictions. I'll also touch on becoming more reliable. See the included lectures in the contents below

Ask students what they experienced


"Back in February Sander was kind enough to meet up with me when I was visiting NYC, to answer some questions about freelance. Though the meeting was short, it left me deep in thought. When he reached out to me a couple months later, I couldn't be more excited to start his first course. The course is very clearly communicated, easy to grasp, and insightful. Just from these concise segments in the lectures, I've revisited some of the things that took me months of asking around. I also learned just as many new principles because of its comprehensiveness. I'm really excited to get into the other courses as my freelance career unfolds!"


"After signing up to the free course, I responded to Sander’s question on “What would being freelance enable you to do in life?” I responded and added: What I am really looking for is advice on how I can move toward a career in motion graphics from where I am now in my life. So many websites promise unique insight on how to become a freelance motion graphics artist, but don't actually deliver. To my surprise Sander responded with an early invite to the course. Although this is just the foundation course so far, I’m beyond impressed. Especially hearing his experience while being freelance myself really helps to relate to what I’m trying to do. I love how conversational it is, it feels like your talking face to face, its got a friendly and approachable tone to it."


"I’ve gone freelance already but have been working permanence for a while now. Although it’s a stable place to be, I want to challenge myself to focus more on other clients I dream working for, but sometimes I’m doubting where to start. After doing this course, I now feel confident making a plan to promote myself."

Who is teaching this course?

My name is Sander and I'm an active freelancer in New York City. Here is my work and what clients say about working with me.

Select clients: Google Material Design. Google Education, IBM, WCS, NRDC,, Squarespace, Microsoft Hololens, GoPro, STRAVA, Headspace, Wealthsimple, Shopify, Classpass.

What's included?

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Transition to Freelance
Let’s get started!
1 min
Making a life transition
6 mins
Calculating your monthly expenses
12 mins
My freelance journey
5 mins
Have at least two of these qualities
2 mins
Do good work
Improve the quality of your work
1 min
1. Surround yourself with people who are better than you
3 mins
2. Personal projects
4 mins
3. Curiosity
2 mins
4. Education
3 mins
Build a killer portfolio, let your work do most of the talking
6 mins
Promote Yourself and Create Your Own Opportunities
3 mins
1. You can start today
2 mins
2. Cold emails
7 mins
3. Building relationships
9 mins
4. Get out of your bubble
4 mins
5. Make something badass
4 mins
6. If the next job is not within your sight
4 mins
Believe in yourself, but don’t fool yourself
7 mins
— Summary of Do good work
5 mins
Be easy to get along with
Operate on common ground
7 mins
Communicate Clearly
6 mins
Don’t be an attention seeker
3 mins
Keep a secret and build trust
3 mins
Be friendly but not friends
5 mins
How to handle behavior you don’t tolerate
3 mins
— Summary of Be easy to get along with
5 mins
Deliver on time
Estimating intended work and planning a project over time
24 mins
How to make accurate work time predictions
4 mins
Do what you said you would do
4 mins
Deliver quality
4 mins
Arrive on time
4 mins
Be present
3 mins
— Summary Deliver on time
4 mins


Is this course right for me?

One of the things all arts have in common is the art of freelance. Although most of the content and context is written from my Motion Design perspective, this information will resonate with graphic designers, illustrators, animators, 3D artists and cinematographers as well.

What do I need to get started?

It would be ideal if you have some creative work already. This course focuses purely on freelance not creative skills.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up on the platform, you’ll receive an account where you can login and access the course from the desktop, tablet or smartphone. You will receive an email from me with the first section of the course. After that you’ll receive the other three sections every two days from the moment you signed up. The course consists of written text,  links to helpful resources, audio recordings and video demonstrations. (about 2 hours and 40 min of content)

How long will I have access to the course?

For the rest of your life! That way, you can reference the material whenever it's relevant for you. There may be paid updates in the future, but that’s only if the content is upgraded dramatically.

What if this doesn't work for me?

Let’s say any of the content didn’t resonate with you. It happens. Sometimes you buy something and it’s just not a right fit. If for whatever reason this course doesn't give you what you think was promised, I'll give you a full refund and I would love to hear from you what I could do better to make this course work for you.

When will the other courses launch?

"The Business of Freelance“ will launch on Jan 2nd, 2017. The other course— "Becoming a Pro Freelancer" will launch within the following months.

Get new skills

My name is Sander — and over the last 10 years I’ve been working successfully as an artist. 
I was able to become the artist I am today partially through the guidance of others, and now I want to make my experience available to you.