Ultimate Freelance Guide

Become a pro Freelancer
πŸ‘‹ Nice to Meet You!
How to Use This Guide
1. Become Your Own Boss πŸ•Ά
Calculate Freelance Cost
Going Out on Your Own
How to Find Clients πŸ“Œ
2. Improve Quality of Work πŸ”₯
Passion Projects
Learn From The Best
How to Present Your Work
Ask Help, Advice & Opinion
3. Build Relationships 🀝
Start Interesting Conversations
Follow Up Over Email
Building a Network
Open Doors & Be Resourceful
Good Practices
4. Price your Work πŸ’°
How Do You Roll?
Calculate Your Hourly Rate
Charge Based On Value
Understanding Work Value
How To Negotiate With Your Client
Work for Free & Maintain Value
Alternative Income
5. New Opportunities πŸ’Œ
Expressing Interest First
Should I Take This Gig?
Decline a Project, How to Say β€œNo”
Choose Wisely and Define Your Values
Automate Your Response
πŸ“© Red Flag Emails
πŸ’Œ Real Client Conversations
6. Meet your new Client ☎️
Setup the Meeting
Prepare for The Meeting
The First Meeting
Arrive on Time & Be Present
7. Deliver Quality on Time πŸ’Ž
What's Important to a Client?
Client Communication
Project Time Management
Budget a Project
8. Paperwork πŸ“‘
Set Expectations
Confidential Information
(SOW) Agreement
Other Types of Agreements
Send your Invoice
If the client doesn’t pay
That's a Wrap!
✍️ Updates & Feedback
Extra Content
Full Second Perspectives πŸŽ™