Become a Pro Freelancer by Sander van Dijk

Become a Pro Freelancer

Take your freelance game to the next level


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If you’ve started to freelance or have been freelance for a while and are looking to excel at what you do, then this is the course for you. There is a difference between an “average” freelancer and an “A-team” freelancer. The aim of this course is to help get you to the top of your game—by giving you the tricks of the trade that will ensure that your clients keep coming back. I'll show you how I prepare for a freelance project; how to work directly with a client who is unfamiliar with the creative process; and how to work in an agency / production studio setting where you work with a team. 

In this course I use real-life examples of the freelance projects I’ve done and show you how I work every step of the way. You’ll even come with me on a real client project here in New York City.

I’ll also touch upon staying health, where to start with visas, and working remotely.


How I prepare for a freelance project

How to work direct to client

  • Step by step project walkthrough

Come with me on a freelance project in NYC for a real client

  • Step by step project walkthrough

Work life balance

You health = healthy projects

Where to start with visas

Working remotely

Start with a free orientation course

Upcoming courses

The Freelance Foundation — Launch date: Nov 30th, 2017 ( Price unknown )
The Business of Freelance — Coming soon

What's included?


Get new skills

My name is Sander — and over the last 10 years I’ve been working successfully as an artist. 
I was able to become the artist I am today partially through the guidance of others, and now I want to make my experience available to you.